Crown Mortgage Testimonials

Crown Mortgage Testimonials

Crown Mortgage Testimonials



When Crown Mortgage makes a commitment, it’s as good as gold. They always deliver when promised. Jeff Coole is a consummate professional who truly cares about his clients and always makes his real estate partners happy to be affiliated with Crown.

Jeff, Buyer’s Agent, Realty Executives New Image

When Crown Mortgage make a Working with Katie is truly a joy. Everything is explained in an easy to understand manner and no question is a silly one! I will continue to send my buyers to Katie, as I know it will be a great experience.

Neil, Buyer’s Agent, Chase Real Estate

We just did a refi with cash payout from Crown and we had awesome service!! Dan and Mike were great and I just wanted to say thanks!!!

Fran C

Nick G, This has been one of the best years of my life because of what you and Crown have done for me!

I walk around my house saying “thank you God” daily.

Thank you so much; cheers to an even better 2019!

Jackie F

Dan Conwell is definitely one of the more organized and knowledgeable loan officers in the industry. Pleasure to work with him and your whole team. A++

Stanislaw, Buyer’s Attorney

Have been with Crown for almost 3 years now, and had to give praise to Jeff McGrath. He has never once, left one text message, email or phone call unanswered. He has responded in a timely fashion every time. Even keeping me up to date on upcoming promotions, making sure I always have the best deal available to me. I recommend Jeff to everyone!


Dan was excellent. The purchase got a little sticky because the house didn’t appraise out but Dan helped us through the situation and got us to close.

James, Buyer’s Agent, Hubeny Real Estate

I truly appreciate Dan’s attention to detail and communication skills. He kept me apprised of the loan process every step of the way.

Carol, Buyer’s Agent Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – Biros Real Estate

Every transaction runs so smoothly from start to end. I will highly recommend you to future clients.

Cathy, Buyer’s Agent Realty Executives

Quick, efficient, friendly

Mike, Sellers Attorney

Excellent Service

Danielle, Listing Agent Coldwell Banker

My buyers found the house of their dreams and had to purchase before their current home had sold. Their lender told them he could get them a loan but after several weeks they said it was not possible. I suggested they call Crown Mortgage Company. They called Crown and within a day we were fully approved through underwriting and still closed by contract date! My client closed on the house of their dreams and everyone was thrilled!

Linda, Buyers Agent Bershire Hathaway

We had applied with my bank whom I have had a personal and business relationship being self-employed for several years to buy our dream house in Orland Park. I had a home to sell and was trying to purchase before I sold my home. I was told by my mortgage company/bank no problem and no worries. I was in the mortgage process for over 3 weeks and were told we should start worrying as we would not qualify without selling our home. The sellers did not want to grant any extensions and would not consider any contingencies. My wife and I really wanted this home but were getting discouraged. We were referred to Crown Mortgage Company from my real estate agent Linda at Berkshire Hathaway. Linda said that we needed to call Crown because they are the lender and do not sell the loan, if anyone can put the deal together Crown can. So we called Crown. Our Crown mortgage consultant said based on the information we had told him over the phone that we would be approved but needed to provide the paperwork to confirm everything I had told him over the phone. He provided me a detailed list of all the items I needed. I met with my mortgage consultant in the early evening. We received an approval, fully underwritten mortgage commitment the next morning. We needed the approval and needed to assure we could close per the date on our contract. What took the bank over 3 weeks to reject, Crown approved the next day and closed using Crown’s 10 day program, (Hitting the Contract Close Date), even with the new lending rules. Now we have our dream house!

Timothy & Janet

I bought my first house a few years ago. At the time, I used a lender that did a combination loan where I had two mortgages to buy my townhouse. It seemed like a great idea until the housing market down turned. My wife and I were stuck with a higher interest rate than everyone else and I did not qualify for any government programs for underwater homes. In addition, we had a little one on the way and needed more space. But we could not go anywhere. I looked for help. Two different mortgage companies told me I could not refinance. We didn’t have enough money to pay off our current mortgage AND buy a new home. My wife and I were stuck. Then my in-laws, who are long-time Crown Mortgage customers, referred us to Crown. Even though we weren’t Crown customers yet, we were able to get free mortgage advice, a free appraisal, and a credit report. From the start, Crown was there for us. During our meetings with Crown Mortgage, we were given a road map of how to sell our current home and buy a new one. One hour after collecting all our documents, Crown had given us a mortgage commitment subject to selling our current house. It took time, discipline, and a little direction from Crown, but my wife, little girl, and I are now happy homeowners of a new, single-family home large enough for all our needs. Crown Mortgage has continuously showed they care about me and my family by providing us advice and support from the beginning, through all the circumstances… Good and bad. Calling Crown was the best decision we’ve ever made.

Greg & Jessica

The buyers originally went to another lender for their loan. My Crown mortgage consultant stepped in to save my client when the previous lender she had did very little with her loan. He communicated very well and was able to push her loan through in a short period of time to get the deal done on time. I would highly recommend your service.

Alice – Buyer’s Agent

After almost 2 months they were rejected. The reason was they were not pre-qualified correctly. Crown re-did the loan and had an approval in a couple of weeks.

Jerry – Buyer’s Agent

I referred my borrower to Jeff and Crown Mortgage. The buyer had originally gone to another large bank/lender in Naperville whom had the loan in process over 60 days only to reject the loan and tell me the borrower would not qualify until June. Crown was able to fully underwrite and approve my self-employed buyer in one hour. My clients were able to get an extension from the seller and close in 10 business days on their dream house. The difference, Crown is the lender and does not sell the loan. Crown kept me in the loop every step of the way.

Ron B, Re/Max 10 in the Park

My wife and I had applied to two different mortgage companies to get a mortgage to buy our dream house in Hickory Hills. We had a condo but really wanted a house. We were told by a very prominent Bank out of Naperville that we were qualified. We were in the mortgage process from January til the end of March, for over 60 days and told no problem. Then out of nowhere our loan was rejected and we were told we did not qualify for a conventional mortgage and that we could only qualify for an FHA loan. In addition we could not qualify for the FHA til June. We were referred to Crown Mortgage from our RE/MAX Agent Ron Berghius. Ron said that we needed to call Jeff and Crown because they are the lender and do not sell the loan. They manually underwrite the loans. So we called. Jeff said based on the information we had told him over the phone that we would be approved but needed to provide the paperwork to confirm everything. He said he could have the file underwritten in one hour. The Bank we were in process told us to bring a few papers then kept asking us for more documents. Crown Mortgage and Jeff told me exactly the paperwork I needed to provide to be approved. I met with Jeff in the morning and dropped off my paperwork. We had an approval fully underwritten mortgage commitment in one hour. We needed the approval to get the seller to give us an extension on our contract. What took the bank over 60 days to reject, Crown and Jeff approved in one hour and closed 10 business days later. Now we have our dream house!

Deividas & Nijole

I wish that I had called Crown Mortgage Company sooner. I was a first time homebuyer and I originally went with the mortgage banker that my realtor recommended. I know that I had a lot of questions but he was not returning my calls. I was pre-approved but I thought it was important to have my questions answered. My offer was already accepted on a condo that was a foreclosure and time was of the essence. I decided to go with a second lender. I again was pre-approved but they were dragging their feet stating that something may be wrong with the condo association (before they received all of the condo docs). I then decided to go online to a website that claims banks will compete for your business. That just made my phone explode with calls. I have lived in Oak Lawn since I was 5 years old and I have driven past Crown Mortgage Company several times but I never thought about calling them. I was speaking to my neighbor who was very happy with Crown Mortgage. I decided to call and I scheduled an appointment to meet with Dan on New Years Eve due to my work schedule. I had a lot of questions and Dan and I went well beyond our scheduled appointment time but he made sure that all of my questions were answered before I left. He went through many different scenarios to find out what would be best for me. I knew that Crown Mortgage Company was going to be best for me and my realtor notified the seller so that Crown could be updated on the documents as the mortgage company. The attorney representing the bank who was selling the property stating that they would not extend the closing date since I was changing mortgage companies. Dan and his assistant Valerie were on top of everything. They immediately returned any calls or emails. We would have been able to close within the 10 days but the sellers attorney did not provide the title commitment in a timely fashion. The sellers attorney sent the title commitment on 1/21/15 and then it had an additional PIN which was not on the contract (for the garage). Dan made sure this did not delay the closing and were able to make sure the documents were delivered to closing. I was able to close on 1/23/15 which was the original date. If any of my friends or family mentions anything about a mortgage, I tell them to call Dan first and avoid wasting their time like I did with other lenders. Thank You Dan! Crown Mortgage Company made this process easy and I knew that they cared about my best interests.


It took Crown Mortgage less time to close my recent refinance than it has taken us to write this testimonial. We have been Crown Mortgage customers through an initial mortgage and one refinance. This was our second refinance with Crown. It had been five years since the last one. We had delayed moving forward to a lower rate because we were convinced rates would drop even lower. The times changed. We both retired and started collecting Social Security. I still hold a part time job and my wife strays home. It was just prior to tax day when we found that we had not arranged for Social Security to take out withholding. The immediate need for funds put us and Crown in motion. It was a simple process of scanning and sending our paperwork to Crown. A few phone calls and e-mails and a home inspection and we had a closing date and soon thereafter our needed proceeds. We also took a few dollars for our daughters upcoming wedding. A bank had informed us that they could not meet our deadline. Crown Mortgage could and did the job. The great thing here is we cut the term of the loan from 30 years to 15 years and cut over 2% from the interest. Closing costs were very reasonable. We can recommend this company to anyone seeking a real service oriented Mortgage company. Thank you Crown Mortgage.

Dave & Sue

I had a VA buyer, but was having trouble finding a lender that could help and understood all the rules for Veterans. That is when I brought my buyer to Katie at Crown Mortgage Company. Katie talked to my client up front to get the details on his financial picture and issued an approval verbally. We scheduled a time to sit down in her office with all the documentation and she reviewed the specifics of the loan scenario with my client. The next morning I had a fully underwritten mortgage commitment for my client sitting in my email! Throughout the transaction, Crown was in constant communication with my client and I to explain the different stages of the process and what they needed to ensure a smooth and timely closing.


I am a Veteran, and I wanted to purchase a home using my benefits but had trouble finding a lender that could help. My realtor had just gotten some information from Crown Mortgage Company and suggested I give them a call. When I called Katie at Crown, she explained to me that Crown is actually a VA Automatic Lender with a VA underwriter on staff so they could move very quickly through the process and explain to me what my benefits are. Since Crown is the actual lender and they do not sell their loans, I also had the peace of mind knowing I would be making my payments directly to Crown for the life of the loan. I shared my financial information with Katie over the phone, and she told me verbally it was a loan she could approve so we set up an appointment for me to sit down in her office with all of my documentation. After verifying my credit, income, and assets, she reviewed my specific loan scenario with me so I could see the breakdown of all the numbers. My loan was underwritten and approved the next morning, virtually turning me into a cash buyer so my realtor and I could begin shopping with a real mortgage commitment. I ended up closing on the second home I put an offer on. Katie even attended the closing to ensure everything went smoothly. I definitely appreciate the service I received from Crown from the application all the way through the closing.


My husband and I were relocating to Chicago from California for a job transfer and were under contract on a beautiful historic home in St Charles. After several weeks in processing, the lender told us they could no longer close the loan because they forgot about a ding on our credit history! Our realtor suggested we call Crown Mortgage because they have flexibility to close loans that other banks cannot and can close them in as fast as ten business days. I called Katie at Crown to explain the situation in more detail. She assured us that she thought it was a transaction Crown could do then sent us a list of documentation she needed to have the loan underwritten. We knew the next business day that we were indeed approved when she sent us a copy of our Mortgage Commitment and we were back on track! Crown worked with us throughout the process to ensure we had a smooth closing, now we are settled and looking forward to summer in Chicago. Thank you Crown Mortgage!


I referred my buyers to Nick at Crown Mortgage. The buyers had already gone to six different mortgage companies, all of which told them they could not even be pre-approved non-contingent. The sellers would not accept a contingent offer so I knew they needed to talk to Nick because Crown Mortgage bypasses the whole pre-approval process and actually manually underwrites files right away. Nick spoke to my buyers, collected all their documentation and in 1 day was able to issue a Fully Underwritten Mortgage Approval Non-Contingent which everyone else said could not be done. Crown was even ready to close in 10 business days. The difference with Crown is they are the lender, they never sell their loans and they have the ability to underwrite a file in as little as 1 hour! Nick and Crown always keeps me updated so I know what is going on throughout the process.


First of all, my Crown loan officer is fantastic. He does everything he says he will do before the time he says it will be done. At a very tough closing that did not even close, I called him and he jumped in to do what he was able to do to still make it happen. He called right up to the top to make it happen. After the dust settled down with the buyer and seller, Crown facilitated making the mortgage loan happen. Where in these lending times can you go to the top of the company and get the necessary red tape changed to Red Carpet, but Crown Mortgage. Crown is my go to for lending. Had this been any other company, the buyer would have been just out of luck! Thank you Crown!


I need at least 6-8 business cards. I expect to have house on market soon and would GLADLY recommend Crown and you for anyone who comes in. Also, my next door neighbor will be looking very soon. He and his wife do NOT want to buy the rental they are in. If they like the area I will try to sell them mine. But if they desire to move elsewhere I still think Crown is the way to go!!! So please mail some cards to me. I hope all is going well for you and if I can throw some business to you and Crown I would be more than happy to do so. Unfortunately I will be moving well away from Chicago and I will miss the great care that Crown and you in particular have provided over the years. I feel like I am dealing with a friend and not a bank or loan institution and I will miss that when I leave. Take care and I thank you,


I went to my bank whom I had a relationship for many years. I was pre-approved by the Loan officer at the bank. I went out looking for homes and found the perfect house that fit all my needs. I was excited and was in process with my bank for over 45 days. I was told the loan was approved and ready to go, when one week before closing my bank called me and sent me a denial notice in the mail. I was never given any real reason. I was very upset as I had already spent money on an appraisal and a home inspection, only to find out I did not qualify for my financing. I was referred to my mortgage consultant at Crown Mortgage from my realtor and attorney. He spoke with me over the phone told me in his opinion he felt he could help me out, but that I had a story loan that was a little more involved, because I was a seasonal employee. He told me the key was to get all the documentation and he would have the file underwritten in as quick as one hour and tell me how I could move forward. Crown delivered on everything promised. Crown approved my loan and were ready to close in 10 business days and gave me a better rate than my bank. Now I am a proud owner of my first house.


Having been a full time realtor since 1985, I have had the pleasure of working with many dedicated mortgage loan professionals. I use Crown because I truly believe it is in the best interest of my clients. Let us face it. Buying a home is stressful. It is the largest financial undertaking most home buyers will undertake in their lifetimes. Why send them to someone who may have good intentions but run their business like 99% of lenders do. Slow, stressful and antiquated, old-fashioned and outdated. Crown has built a team of dedicated specialists each knowing that their part of the process is as important as any of the other parts. I guess what I am saying is that Crown Mortgage has second to none customer service. Are not satisfied customers the foundation of any successful business? Ok, I guess I made it clear. In my opinion using Crown Mortgage is in the best interest of the client. What about everybody else in the transaction? Attorneys, Real Estate Brokers, whether they represent the sellers or buyers, are overjoyed to see that Crown Mortgage is the lender. Why? Because of confidence and efficiency! With Crown involved I feel confident that the transaction is going to close and efficiently because inefficiency costs time and money. I know that sounds a bit self-service but wasting time checking to see if someone else is doing their job is terribly inefficient. Crown Mortgage makes me more efficient and frees me to do what I do best. I took the time to write this because I truly appreciate the Crown Mortgage way of doing business and I would hope that this influences more buyers and brokers to use Crown. It feels good being confident.


Both my girlfriend and I would like to extend my compliments and appreciation to my loan officer and loan analyst for their help obtaining a mortgage loan from Crown. They should be commended for a job well and nobly done. They were both a pleasure to work with. They clearly explained all the intricate nuances of the loan. They were timely in their correspondence and were consistently cheerful in nature. My loan officer even drove all the way up from Oak Lawn to attend the closing in Northbrook. This is the fifth mortgage loan (one being a refinance) over a fifteen year period we have received from Crown and one of the reasons we choose to do return business with Crown is because of the professionalism, thoroughness, attention to detail, hard work, exemplary customer service and courtesy I always receive from Crown employees. Another reason is the logical and meticulous nature of Crown is qualification and approval process that mitigates risk to both parties. It is sensible and good business. With thanks, appreciation, and best wishes.

Chris B

I would like to thank you and Crown Mortgage for the opportunity to once again own my own home. Your professionalism, courtesy, and efficiency have made this experience by far one of the easiest, most painless mortgage processes I have ever been a part of. Through the decision of those at Crown to offer us a mortgage on this new home, you have helped me provide a secure, stable foundation for my family. I am extremely grateful for this decision and happy that we found Crown Mortgage. Thank you all and I wish you continued success, A very happy homeowner once again, thanks to Crown Mortgage!

Steve H

I was so surprised at the speed that Crown was able to close our transaction. It only took 8 days to confirm our closing from the time I visited Crowns location with all of my documentation. I had been having problems with another lender that I had been working with getting things processed in a timely manner. Crown was very flexible in underwriting my loan. I understood that my husband was the strength of our loan and I was amazed that Crown could close it so fast. When I originally met with my loan officer, he made me feel comfortable and re-assured me that he was going to do everything he could to get me a mortgage commitment while I waited, which he did. He showed me a total commitment to the whole process. I feel it is so important for people to understand that Crown originates, closes and does not sell their mortgages. I do not know any other mortgage company out there that does not sell the loan after they close. Thank you Crown Mortgage Company. Today I am closing my loan only 8 business days after I walked into Crown Mortgage Company.

Gina G

As, of course you know, my Re-Fi was closed and all is well. I wound up saving over $200.00 a month on my payment which is HUGE to me and allows me to comfortably stay in the Home that I Love. Thank you for your help and tell your Assistant, Deborah, that I appreciate her help also. She is a very nice and competent Lady. Seems as though the housing market is “picking up” a bit. Good for all of us and our economy.

Kathleen L

Very customer oriented. Answers our questions and concerns. The willingness to help puts you at ease.

Timothy & Carol B

Been with Crown 20 years. Feel very secure with your company.

Judy P

My Mortgage Consultant has helped us throughout the past few years to get to this point. He has been a great help with all that he has done. My Loan Analyst also did a great job with follow-up and answers to all of my questions.

Matthew & Brianna E

My client was happy with your services; my attorney is extremely happy with your services. That, my friends, makes for an extremely successful relationship. Thank you!

Fran M

I would recommend you to anyone!!

Mike & Holly L

We are happy clients of Crown Mortgage, and we would highly recommend Crown to any and all potential clients.

David & Renee F

Very efficient; excellent communication throughout the transaction. No surprises which is almost unheard of in today’s market. Job well done!

David C

Best experience ever, I will refer anyone I know who needs a mortgage. My Mortgage Consultant and Loan Analyst were phenomenal!

Chris M

Would refer Crown Mortgage to anyone and everyone! They are professional but at the same time down to earth human beings!

Ricardo G

My name is Carrie and I am a customer, 2nd time, with Crown Mortgage. I’ve always found Crown to be an outstanding company not only with competitive rates, but the customer service is second to none.  I want to bring to your attention one of your employees, Laura Springer. Due to a large claim, 30k for storm damage, our insurance went sky high. Laura shopped for us saving us $1400 a year by switching insurance companies. Not many people would take the time to initiate the search for a customer in order to get a better rate. I work for a small company and as you know you live and die by customer service reputation it is for that reason, I am bringing Laura’s name to your attention, you’ve got a good one there!

Carrie K

We have been with Crown for years and won’t go anywhere else. Nick was great and always ready to answer any questions – no matter how many times I asked. So thankful for the smooth process and love that they don’t sell any of their mortgages. My husband and I will be Crown customers for life!

Katie T
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