Nick Golob

Nick Golob

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Mortgage Consultant

My name is Nicholas Golob but please feel free to call me Nick. I’m an Illinois and Indiana licensed mortgage consultant for Crown Mortgage Company out of Oak Lawn, IL.

I live in Downers Grove, IL with my wife and I went to Lockport Township High School. All four years of high school I played football, wrestled and made a lot of good friends in the process. I graduated in 2008 and went to Illinois State University where I studied business finance, insurance, and graduated in 2012.

I met my wife, Kelley, the first weekend of my senior year. When we met she was actually a freshman so it didn’t seem like there was any chance we would end up together. After three months of persistence, Kelley finally let me take her on our first date, and we’ve been together ever since. I got to enjoy the college life a few extra years because I would drive down to visit her every few weekends. Recently, we purchased a home and are working on the next steps in our lives together.

I’ve been working for Crown Mortgage since April of 2013. As a licensed mortgage consultant, you’ll find I’m quite different from a typical “loan officer”. If you want a straight answer right away, I’m the man to talk to. Crown Mortgage Company is a mortgage banking firm. That means we lend out our own money and we never sell any of our loans. This is important because we are much more flexible than “brokers” and we fully underwrite loans within one day. That means my clients are not just “pre-approved”, they are FULLY APPROVED for their loan. If there is an issue, we figure it out within one day and give our clients options as to how to get their loans approved as soon as possible.

In general, I’m a glass half full type of person so no matter the situation, I always look for the good in everything. I think I have a relaxed personality unless the situation calls for me to be more serious. In my spare time I go to the gym in the morning before work and I usually go disc golfing with friends after. I very much enjoy the work I do because I know I’m making a difference in peoples’ lives whether I’m just educating them on the lending process or helping them purchase/refinance their homes. I love helping you accomplish your goals and ensuring you’re making the best financial decision in the process.

You’ll find I go above and beyond for everyone I work with. Feel free to check out some of my reviews at Zillow or via Google and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you want a real mortgage commitment right away!

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