Crown Mortgage saved our dream home. We looked for a home that our family could grow in for almost 8 months and found our dream home. We put in an offer and it was accepted! Because the home was a foreclosure and the boiler could not be started, the other lender refused to close. We were heartbroken. Another offer on our house came in the next day and was again accepted. Our dream was gone until that deal was unable to close as well.

Our realtor, Christina with RCI Real Estate, told us about Crown and how different they are from everyone else and convinced us to take another shot at our dream with Crown’s help. We called and discussed our situation with Crown’s loan officer who came out after hours to meet with us the very next day. Our loan officer was great to work with as he took the time to actually get to know what was important to us and answer every question we had, unlike our previous lender who only told us what she thought was important.

Crown was not only able to approve our loan the next day but they also worked diligently with us through all the repair issues that came up. Not only did the boiler not start, but the house also was not properly winterized causing several burst pipes. Thanks to Crown’s “Repairs After Closing” program, our dream home became our reality.

Jessie and Susy

I have 14+ years of real estate experience in the Franklin Park area with one of the oldest real estate offices in the area. Every lender my clients talked to turned down their contract to purchase their dream home because it was a foreclosure and the boiler was not turned on. My clients were heartbroken the first time their contract for this home was rejected by a different lender after 60 days of waiting and hundreds of dollars invested in inspections.

Once my client’s dream house was back on the market, I suggested they give it another shot. This time, I recommended they use Crown Mortgage Company and their proprietary programs. Crown’s loan officer came out to my office after work just to speak with my clients because they both worked full time and had a child. He sat down and explained the entire mortgage process, answering every question they could think of.

The next day we had a fully underwritten mortgage approval, giving my clients the confidence to move forward. Crown worked hand-in-hand with me and my clients to ensure the closing happened on time, despite the boiler not working and the broken pipes due to improper winterization. Crown went above and beyond any other lender in providing the flexibility and personal attention needed to make this dream happen. I truly appreciate the level of professionalism and knowledge Crown displays with every transaction.

Christina, RCI Real Estate

When the housing marketing downturned, my wife and I were stuck with a higher interest rate than everyone else and I did not qualify for any government programs for underwater homes. Two different mortgage companies told me I could not refinance. We didn’t have enough money to pay off our current mortgage AND buy a new home. My wife and I were stuck.

Then my in-laws, who are long-time Crown Mortgage customers, referred us to Crown. Even though we weren't Crown customers yet, we were able to get free mortgage advice, a free appraisal, and a credit report. From the start, Crown was there for us. One hour after collecting all our documents, Crown had given us a mortgage commitment subject to selling our current house. It took time, discipline, and a little direction from Crown, but my wife, little girl, and I are now happy homeowners of a new, single-family home large enough for all our needs.

Crown Mortgage has continuously shown they care about me and my family by providing us advice and support from the beginning, through all the circumstances... Good and bad. Calling Crown was the best decision we've ever made.

Greg & Jessica B.