Crown Insurance Agency

Crown Insurance Agency

Crown Insurance Agency, Inc, is an affiliate of Crown Mortgage Company.
We offer the same great service in helping you protect your assets and provide security to your family.

Crown Insurance Agency only works with A-rated insurance companies to find you affordable rates to meet your budget.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and appreciate the chance to provide you with a proposal. Our insurance professionals are extensively trained to assist you in designing the best plan that will fit both your needs and budget. Our goal is to extend and increase overall satisfaction by giving our clients the highest level of customer service available in the marketplace. Your happiness and peace of mind is the key to our success!

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Types of Insurance Offered

Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance and Life Insurance / Mortgage Payoff

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is your largest investment and needs to be protected against unforeseen events. Homeowners insurance usually includes damage to your home, damage to the contents of your home, reimbursement for costs associated with loosing the use of your house (i.e., hotel, loss of rental fees), theft, vandalism and liability for negligent acts that happen on your property. It does not include loss due to normal wear and tear or maintenance. There are different types of coverages depending on the policy you choose. Additional coverages can be added for sewer back-up and valuable contents such as jewelry.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required by state law. It protects you against financial loss in the event of an accident or theft. Types of coverages are Collision, Comprehensive, Liability, Personal Injury, Medical and Uninsured Motorist.  Each of these type coverage specific losses. Additional coverages can be added. It usually is a good idea to bundle your homeowners and auto insurance to get discounted rates.

Motorcycle, RV, Watercraft and ATV coverage is also available.

Life Insurance/Mortgage Payoff

Life insurance pays a designated beneficiary a sum of money upon the death of the insured. It can be used to pay for final expenses or to protect loved ones from the loss of income due to your death. Structuring your coverage to provide financial security for your family is an ideal use of life insurance. It can pay off your mortgage and other expenses as well as provide for college and other future needs of your loved ones. It is important that life insurance be reviewed periodically to ensure you are properly covered to meet your needs.

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